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Data Centric takes a unique approach to IT support by keeping organizations safe from a catastrophic data failure.

Our focus is on your data and its protection, which is based on the recognized standards of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and ISO (International Organization for Standards )—not on what kind of hardware you are running. 

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Data Layers

A Multi-Layered Approach

Most IT support providers focus on the physical aspects of IT support, such as servers, desktops and network infrastructure. All of these items are replaceable at any time. What is NOT replaceable is data. 

Our multi-point, customizable data protection process is verifiable, tested and reportable.
Files Protection

Reliable & Thorough

Be sure not to rely on misunderstandings about Microsoft or Google's shared responsibility models. The responsibility for protecting your business's data lies exclusively with you.

Data Centric will ensure that your data is protected within the cloud service provider's domain in addition to backing up all other data. 

Proactive & Cost-Effective 

It is possible for a disaster to occur at any time. It could be as minor as restoring a single deleted file, or it can be as severe as catastrophic encryption attacks, complete destruction of infrastructure, or a disconnection that prevents access to critical server rooms. To ensure that your organization's data can always be accessed, Data Centric provides a wide range of services, including
Cybersecurity services
Cloud solutions
Remote support
Data backups
Customized IT solutions
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Data Centric is committed to providing small and medium-sized businesses with the protection they need. Contact our team today to discuss your data resiliency plan and receive a free Backup and Recovery Audit!